MCCG-GUYANA assisted an International company in rationalizing its Guyana operations.  

The Company had been present in Guyana for the last two years and although properly advised by local counsel and government consultants, it could not move to the next level by finding partners, obtaining contracts or retaining reliable local part time and long term staff.

MCCG GUYANA transitioned the firm from local counsel and baseline consultants and introduced them to chartered accountants who could better handle taxation and treaty issues. MCCG also brokered joint ventures with reputable local companies, identified shared space and employee housing and helped respond to industry and government requests for proposals.

The client says “We finally found the right guide and partner with MCCG, Guyana has a great business future and we wanted to move on from the lawyer's office to real local partners who 

can enhance not just our local content but eventually take the lead in their own country and 

new industry.  Thanks to them we are finally moving and not just planning and spending on travel and meetings."