The Guyana office is equipped to provide an array of management consulting services to businesses, institutions, government, NGOs, and entrepreneurs, with support from consultants in USA, Canada, Trinidad, Nigeria, Ghana, and India who visit Guyana or work remotely with their local colleagues and strategic partners.

Management Consulting


Management Consultants are exactly what the words say, we are trusted consultants to management of institutions and enterprises big and small.

We help owners, managers and stewards strategize, manage and execute plans of action in business, government, institutions and on projects and ventures in governance, real estate and construction, technology, extractive industries, agriculture and other matters.

At MCCG our management consultants build trust and produce excellent results.

Project Management


Our project managers often manage from concept to completion and since most MCCG project managers are cross trained or practice both management consulting and project management, they with the firm - plan, execute and complete most projects that they are assigned to.


Offers projects and program management through direct, contracted augmented staff. Our project managers have backgrounds as engineers, business consultants, technologists, scientists, academic and other professional services.

Real Estate Services


We understand that often many real estate projects require additional expertise in buildings, space, construction oversight, property management, and the rental or leasing and the sale of property. In this case MCCG has licensed and experienced specialists who are international and local experts on the leasing, sale and use of property. 

These MCCG experts are in Guyana, Houston, Texas, New York , Trinidad and Tobago and are knowledgeable of the local market 

and/ or are subject matter experts on the real estate issue or transaction at hand. 

MCCG also has on going cooperative and working relationship with firms as Lee and Associates; Cushman and Wakefield; CBRE; Saville Studley; JLL and Colliers.

MCCG practices real estate under the trade names of MCCG Estate and Arvo Realty in Guyana and the United States. MCCG is licensed in Guyana as a Real Estate Broker with the Guyana Revenue Authority License Number 138411. As well as with the States of New York, Pennsylvania and Texas in the United States. 

Supply Chain


Supply Chain refers to the series of activities related to the support of an enterprise or industry including procurement, supply, shipping, services, logistics, security and safety. Our goal is to provide quality services. on demand, at appropriate pricing. Our commitment is to strengthen and enhance the local supply stream and local content in the provision of services and goods.

Our focus is on joint ventures with experienced service providers to ensure high quality, safe and competitive goods and services; strengthening and improvement of local goods and services through training, enhanced facilities and equipment; embedded and augmented technical staff from experienced companies and backgrounds; expansion of local services in food, warehousing, trucking and shipping.