(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to our existence as a Guyanese Company. Our policy is that we will promote responsible and ethical business practices and behavior and that we will advocate environmental and social responsibility including a workplace free from racism, prejudice and discrimination and encourage activities that preserve and sustain the land, rivers and waters in and around Guyana and the environment.

Our global code of conduct and ethics emphasizes human rights, the avoidance of harmful behavior including violence, harmful drugs and the abuse of alcohol. We actively encourage workplace safety, safe and healthy lifestyles and the right of privacy and data security. 


We recognize that the life of our business is tied to the life and health of our planet and are, therefore, committed to reducing our footprint while encouraging practices that reduce solid waste, carcinogens and prevent global warming and rising oceans. Our environmental policy focuses on improving our own behavior and inspiring positive action in others.

We are committed to fighting discrimination and sexism and to combating human trafficking

and exploitation; and are committed to encouraging our clients and supply chains to do the same.