Dr. Carl Niamatali

has over 35 years as a physician, visionary, lecturer, pioneer and leader in Guyana; playing major roles as a Medical Doctor and Consultant, Chief Executive Officer and, Managing Director. He is the President of the Guyana Cancer Prevention Society and an owner of the Country’s only state of the art crematorium, Memorial Gardens.

Dr. Niamatali is also the founder of Guyana Cares, a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing awareness to the health and other challenges facing Guyana. He is community driven, caring, and believes in giving back.

Born in the New Amsterdam area of Berbice, Guyana where he attended the Roman Catholic Boys School then  Berbice High School. He worked for his family business for about 5 years until leaving to further his education. He graduated from the University of Galway, obtaining his medical degree. Carl became a Senior Registrar in Galway University Hospital where he worked on a Cancer program.