MCCG has helped a Guyanese construction contractor identify as a prime specialized contractor and not be relegated to sub/sub/sub category in the supplier chain. The local company provides specialized construction services but due to the dominance of large local and international contractors in the country on major infrastructure projects, the company has not realized the premiums usually associated with its precision work.

To address this, MCCG arranged introductions to bidders on international projects and showcased the firm and its talent in Houston and on international data bases. The firm also developed a corporate responsibility program which allowed it to meet its prospects at a collegiate, principal and peer level.

Owner - "I’m now hearing directly from the project sponsors, owners and their engineers and this allows us to appropriately price the engineering, quality and inspection services that were being cut out of bids for simple priced reduction. We now see the prospect of breaking even since we kept the services in anyway because of the risk taking them out would present. Thanks MCCG."