Roger Hoyte

Roger Hoyte is a master consultant, with skills in business technology implementation and integration. 

Mr. Hoyte is the founder, President and CTO of Integrated Data Technology, Inc, a business and technology solutions consultancy firm in Garden City, NY.  He has spent over 30 years as the visionary leader of IDT, utilizing his knowledge and experience with today’s cutting-edge technologies. With fast-evolving technology, Mr. Hoyte has provided solutions to clients from recommendation through implementation and execution, maintaining his client’s ability to stay competitive.

Mr. Hoyte works daily with his team to empower small and medium-sized businesses to utilize technology to grow their business. He is a member of 

HIA-LI, which supports one of the largest industrial parks in the US Northeast.  Mr. Hoyte is a frequent guest panelist on Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing and Cloud ERP.

Mr. Hoyte is a graduate of NYU Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Engineering.  Mr. Hoyte has also  completed several certifications in Network Administration and Design, database administration and application development.